Speech & Language Assessments

Speech & Language Assessments


Enhancing communication with personalised care and expertise

  • Rapid access to Speech and Language specialists
  • Bespoke assessments customised to suit your needs
  • Comprehensive support, from initial assessment to ongoing therapy
  • Flexible scheduling for a time that suits you

What is a Speech and Language Assessment?

A speech and language assessment is a detailed evaluation designed to identify and diagnose communication disorders. Conducted by experienced speech and language therapists, this assessment thoroughly examines an individual’s ability to express themselves and understand others.

Through a series of tests and observations, therapists gain insights into speech clarity, language comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure, and oral-motor skills. This process is crucial for developing a personalised intervention plan that addresses specific needs, facilitating improved communication and quality of life.

Why Might You Need a Speech & Language Assessment?

You might need a speech and language assessment if you or a dependent is experiencing difficulties in areas such as understanding spoken or written language, or expressing thoughts and ideas clearly.

This assessment is vital for anyone who finds it challenging to form words and sounds correctly, struggles with engaging in conversation, or has concerns about their voice quality or fluency. By identifying these issues early, a speech and language assessment can enable effective treatment, empowering you to communicate more effectively and confidently in daily life.

Common Symptoms That May Benefit From a Speech & Language Assessment

Spotting signs and symptoms of speech and language difficulties early on is crucial for timely treatment. Here are common symptoms that may indicate the need for a speech and language assessment:

  • Difficulty understanding what others say
  • Challenges in following instructions or answering questions
  • Struggling to form complete sentences or using incorrect grammar
  • Limited vocabulary compared to peers of the same age
  • Issues with the clarity of speech or pronunciation of words
  • Repetitive or hesitant speech, including frequent use of fillers or pauses
  • Difficulties with social communication, such as initiating or maintaining conversations
  • Problems with voice quality, such as hoarseness or a breathy voice
  • Challenges with swallowing or feeding, noticeable in both children and adults

How to Book a Speech & Language Assessment

To book a private speech and language assessment with us, simply navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ section on this page and select ‘Book An Appointment’. Then, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch and arrange a time that suits you.

If you prefer a more personal touch, our friendly team is on hand to assist you over the phone and email. When contacting our clinic, you can discuss your concerns, ask any questions you might have, and arrange your assessment at a time that works for you.

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive all the necessary details about your upcoming assessment, including what to expect and how to prepare. Our aim is to make your experience as comfortable and beneficial as possible, guiding you every step of the way towards improved speech and language skills.

How Much Is a Private Speech & Language Assessment?

Our private speech and language assessment services are priced as follows:

Initial Assessment: £150 + £10 Admin Fee
Follow-Up Sessions: Starting from £100 + £10 Admin Fee

We offer a variety of payment options including, cash & card.

If you’re planning to use health insurance, we recommend contacting your provider to understand the coverage for private speech and language assessments. Our clinic will provide all necessary documentation to facilitate your claim, if it’s for reimbursement based on your insurance policy.

These prices are subject to change, and final pricing will be confirmed when you book your appointment.

How To Prepare for a Speech & Language Assessment

A speech and language assessment doesn’t require extensive preparation. However, it’s beneficial to:

Become familiar with the process: Your consultant will explain the types of tests and observations that will be conducted, helping you know what to expect.

Gather relevant information: Compile some notes on the history of the communication or swallowing concerns, including previous evaluations or therapies.

Observe and take notes: Observe and note any specific situations or environments where communication challenges are more prominent.

Physically prepare: Try to ensure you are well rested and comfortable before taking part in the assessment. Getting a good night sleep and avoiding tiring activities will help the accuracy of the assessment.

Who can and can’t have a Speech & Language Assessment?

A speech and language assessment is suitable for individuals of any age who may be experiencing difficulties with communication

, regardless of the nature or severity of their challenges. It’s a crucial step for anyone seeking to understand and improve their speech and language abilities.

Eligibility for the assessment is determined through an initial screening process, which may include a questionnaire, a phone call, or a preliminary consultation. This process ensures that the assessment is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and circumstances, providing a foundation for effective and personalised support.

Speech & Language Assessment Aftercare

Aftercare following a speech and language assessment is highly individualised, depending on the diagnosis and the specific needs of the individual.

Once an assessment is completed, the next steps may involve a series of targeted therapy sessions designed to address the identified areas of difficulty. These sessions are tailored to the circumstances, with strategies and goals set to enhance communication or swallowing abilities. It’s crucial to engage consistently in their therapy plan and practice recommended exercises at home to maximise progress.

Additionally, follow-up assessments may be scheduled to monitor advancement and adjust the treatment plan as necessary, ensuring that you continue to receive the most effective support for their ongoing development.

Why Go Private for Your Speech & Language Assessment?

Mid Ulster Clinic’s private speech and language assessment allows you to benefit from quick, customised care with short waiting times. Our expert team delivers tailored treatment plans and immediate access to consultants.

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