Private GP Appointments

Private GP Appointments

Why wait to access healthcare when you can visit an experienced GP in a comfortable environment. Your concerns will be addressed and a plan for your care will be made with your input.

Face to face appointments available with an experienced GP who can offer rapid onward care where necessary.

Your appointment with a Private GP in The Mid Ulster Clinic will offer you the chance to speak in confidence with a GP who has years of extensive training across a range of medical areas. When you attend the Clinic, you will wait in comfort before having a 20-minute appointment to discuss at length your medical needs. Should you need any extra testing, this can be provided on the same day as your appointment. Referrals of a specialist nature will be dealt with in a timely manner to ensure that you are on a path to wellness as soon as possible.

What's included:

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Our Private GP Services

Catering to the diverse health needs of our patients, the Mid Ulster Clinic proudly offers a range of Private GP Services. From precise diagnostics and tests to ensure accurate health assessments, to a variety of treatment plans tailored to individual needs, we are equipped to provide comprehensive care. Additionally, our facility ensures timely prescriptions to support your health journey. Explore the services we offer and discover how we can be of service to you.

Diagnostics & Tests

We have the option to avail of diagnostic testing in The Mid Ulster Clinic on the same day as your appointment. The GP will then contact you with your results and next steps.


Your treatment plan will be developed with you in mind. You will have a chance to discuss your options in confidence.


Prescriptions for medical treatment can be offered at the time of your appointment.

Meet Our Private GPs

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GCM/NMC No: 7136459

How does it work?

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Consultation with GP

Appointments will happen within a comfortable setting where you will get the opportunity to discuss your concerns with the GP in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Private GP service is a chance to speak with a medical professional regarding your health and wellness.  There will be a fee associated with your private appointment. 

This will be a 20-minute face-to-face appointment where you can discuss your health with an experienced practitioner in order to plan your care further. Diagnostics can be offered on the day of your appointment if required.

Yes, you can opt to attend a Private GP and we can correspond with your NHS Doctor to keep them updated on your care.  

Yes, you can attend your own GP at your discretion.  A private GP appointment in our clinic is in addition to your NHS care and should note be considered a replacement.


Why Go Private for GP Services?

Our private GP service offers you a chance to speak with an experienced practitioner in a comfortable and safe setting. There are same or next day appointments available to suit your needs. The care that you receive during your face to face appointment will be considerate of your needs and expectations. Private diagnostic tests can be offered on the day of your appointment and the GP will update you with the results when they are available. A personalised plan of care will be arranged for you if appropriate. If you need to see a specialist we can arrange this for you via a rapid referral pathway.

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