Below, you will find a list of our most common services along with their respective prices. If a treatment or service you’re looking for isn’t on the list, please contact us.

Our Services/Treatments Pricing List

New ConsultationStarting from £150
Review ConsultationStarting from £120
Gynae Scan£145
Pessary Insertion£70
Smear Test£95
Early Pregnancy Scan (6 – 11 Weeks)£110
Gender Scan (Recommended from 18 weeks)£75
4D Scan (27 – 33 Weeks)£120
Dating Scan (12-16 Weeks)£110
Cervical Length Scan (16-40 Weeks)£110
Growth Scan (24-26 Weeks)£110
Presentation Scan (37-40 Weeks)£110
Mirena Coil Insertion£300
Copper Coil Insertion£180
Implant Removal£150
Mirena / Copper Coil Removal£150
Endometrial Scratch£175
Facility Fee£30
Paediatric ADHD AssessmentPrice on request
Paediatric ADHD Review£190
Joint Injection£200
SPOTS Assessment£240
SPOTS Review£180
Dermatology Assessment£165
Dermatology Review£125
Cryotherapy TreatmentStarting from £50

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Benefits of private healthcare at Mid Ulster Clinic

The Mid Ulster Clinic, situated in the heart of Mid Ulster Northern Ireland, is a private healthcare facility dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care and treatment across various specialist areas.

We cater to patients of all ages and our focus lies in developing a personal plan of care to treat your needs and concerns.

New to private healthcare?

Are you new to private healthcare? At the Mid Ulster Clinic, we aim to make things clear and simple for you. Here, you’ll find information about what private healthcare has to offer and how it works. We’re here to answer any questions and help you understand our services.

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How to go private

Contact us today to see how we can help.
Appointments are available without GP referral.

Paediatric medicine

Self Funding or Insured?

You can self fund for your treatment at the clinic. Payment will be taken at the time of your visit.
We also accept private health insurance, please contact your provider for authorisation before your appointment.


Why choose The Mid Ulster Clinic?

We offer appointments with a specialist who is invested in your wellbeing.
Our team is equipped to help patients of all ages.

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How do I arrange an appointment?

Contact our team to speak in confidence about your concerns.
We are available to arrange an appointment for you 6 days per week.

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