Private Urologist in Northern Ireland

We offer a Urology clinic with an experienced Consultant who is available to assess both men and women for a number of concerns.

What Is Urology?

Urology is a specialist service which is available to both male and female patients. This looks at concerns involving the prostate, urinary tract or bladder and more. Prostate issues are common and mainly affect men over 50. It is important that you consider your symptoms and speak to a specialist or attend your routine screening appointment. Bladder symptoms can be problematic for all patients and again you should seek help if your symptoms persist or become problematic.

Why Might You Need A Private Urologist?

The main benefit when you choose to attend an appointment with a private urologist would be a reduction in the waiting times vs waiting times on the NHS. We offer onsite scanning and diagnostics at the time of your appointment in order to give you a chance to have a full assessment for your symptoms. In most cases, the Consultant will be able to diagnose and offer treatment before you leave your appointment. Symptoms associated with urological conditions can be painful and limit your daily function. Our aim is to give you access to an experienced professional who can assist you with your problems in a quick and all encompassing way.

Private Urology Services We Offer

Depending on your complaint, symptoms can be treated in a number of ways. Simple medication may be offered initially or changes in lifestyle suggested to aid your recovery from prolonged symptoms.

Some simple tests can also be requested in the form of diagnostic bloods, urinalysis or post void ultrasound scans.
In some cases, patients may require further intervention in the form of procedures such as cystoscopy or a Trans-urethral resection of prostate (TURP) and we offer a seamless pathway in the event that this is required.

What Happens At a Urology Appointment?

When you attend we will ask you to provide a urine sample so we can carry out a urinalysis. You will be invited into the consultation room by the consultant who will ask about your symptoms and medical history. They may ask about your daily habits and lifestyle to get a better idea of you as a person. If you have complaints about your bladder or voiding habits, the specialist might carry out same day post void scan and determine if there are any factors contributing to your symptoms.

If an examination is required, male patients who have complaints involving their genitals may undergo a physical examination. If there are issues with the prostate, you might require a PR exam and blood samples may be taken in the form of a PSA.

Our female patients might require a physical examination to rule out a prolapse which would require involvement from gynaecology.

How Are Urological Conditions Treated?

A tailored treatment plan will be developed with you during your consultation should you need it. Simple medications or lifestyle interventions may be advised which would mean that there would be no further follow up required. Depending on your diagnosis, routine follow up appointments can be arranged with your consultant to ensure that your recovery is on track.

If you have been referred for a procedure then we will arrange this within a few days of your appointment and you will be put in contact with the appropriate team who will take you through your next steps.

Why Choose Mid Ulster Clinic as Your Private Urologist?

The Mid Ulster Clinic is centrally located in the Mid Ulster area. We offer specialist services with experienced Consultants in a comfortable setting with reduced waiting times for appointments and options for seamless onward referral should it be required. We offer a service encompassing basic diagnostics, scanning and consultancy with a qualified team who are ready to take your call and assist you on your health journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They can assess you for a variety of bladder, prostate and kidney problems.

You can see a GP first who may refer you to see a specialist. Depending on the urgency and waiting lists you may want to consider seeing a urologist if you know that this is who you need to see for your symptoms and concerns.


If you have been seeing your primary care physician and they have referred you to a specialist or you feel that you are symptomatic of a urological concern.

You can self refer to see urology at our clinic and we currently have reduced waiting lists for this service.


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